Using Qriously to Understand App Audiences

One of the problems of good advice, especially as it’s heeded and repeated, is it risks becoming banal (extinct as far as advice goes); to go meta, like this nugget right here. “Know Your Audience” is one particularly endangered nugget that should never become banal. Apart from shameless Qriously promotion, this post is also a conservation effort…. ┬áCause the advice is qriously good.


As a question network, one of the key advantages Qriously has over an ad network is the ability for an app developer to ask their own users questions directly. We call these ‘house questions’ and are analogous to ‘house ads’ in ad networks.

This graphic shows results from a case study we ran on an app called Memory Trainer which we built ourselves. The results here are sampled from more generic questions we are compiling into a best practices / analysis packet, but developers can ask their users whatever they like. For example, for Memory Trainer we will dive deeper and figure out the optimal number of levels, which ‘games’ users like the most and the ideal price-point (it’s currently free).

Please use the FB comment section below instead of email so everyone can benefit from your ideas and questions.

Lastly, special thanks to Zach Buechel for helping us out with the questions and analysis. You rock man!

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