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Audi wanted to reach consumers in the moment who were in-market for a new luxury car. The Hong Kong consumer is already mobile-first, with smartphone penetration reaching 79%. Of that audience, over 90% of their time is spent in-app.


By asking mobile app users “Planning to buy one of these cars this year?,” and offering them a choice of an Audi TT or two other competing models, Qriously found over 30,000 auto purchase intenders in Hong Kong. When they answered, they were shown a banner ad for the new Audi TT.
Both Chinese and English versions of the in-banner question were served. Users who answered were re-targeted with either Chinese or English Audi creative, depending on which language the question was answered in.

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On average, 22.5% of consumers exposed to Audi TT creative went on to click the banner at least once.Brand Study results showed an absolute increase in intent to test drive of Δ3.2 (relative increase or lift of 10%) compared to a statistically similar control population.


“Needing to reach the right consumers, with the right messaging and at the right moment isn’t always easy, especially with big ticket purchases like a luxury sports car. With Qriously we were able to not only identify those who expressed direct interest but then re-message them too, providing a more relevant user experience and this is evident in the higher than average campaign performance.”

Adrian Lee

Head of Digital, MediaCom Hong Kong



  • 35%


  • 32%


  • Respondents


Absolute Increase


Relative Increase

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