How it Works

Qriously’s sampling methodology is unique and does not fall into any of the traditional techniques (random sampling or quota sampling). That’s why we coined a new terms for it, ‘programmatic sampling’.

Programmatic Sampling

We intercept smartphone users while they use their usual apps by inviting them to take a short survey without leaving the app they are in. We do this by programmatically buying in-app ad space across 50,000 apps, showing an engaging question instead of a banner ad. Curious users who answer this initial question will be invited to answer more questions in a full-size survey interface.

How we achieve representative samples


With access to over 1.2 billion devices we can typically reach 60%+ of the entire population in most major countries.

App Sampling

Our platform dynamically selects apps and app users to generate a balanced demographic sample.


We apply weighting procedures, like raking, to match census data (age, gender, region, previous voting behavior and education level).

How we ensure genuine answers

No Incentivization

Contrary to access panels, our respondents are not incentivized in any way and thus have no motivation to provide incorrect answers.

No professional

Almost all of our respondents are ‘casual survey takers’ who do not regularly take part in surveys. In fact only 4% of people who take our surveys are part of any research panel.

Quality Controls

We also apply strict controls to filter out any accidental clicks or suspicious answers (inattentive respondents, speedsters etc..).