1The Qriously Team
London, New York, Vienna

The Qriously team is a high-octane smoothie of mobile product samurai, seasoned research and digital media muscle. On the continuum between Product and Sales, Qriously exists slightly toward product. Our headquarters are in London with operations in Vienna and New York.

Abraham Mueller
CTO, Co-Founder

Abraham is our super-smart, semi-cynical, quasi-sporty Server Mandarin as well as Qriously's general technical architect. He also owns Android. We're not convinced he isn't one.

Alexandre Sagakian
Head of Data Products

Our Head of Data Products Alex is a Online Market Research Veteran and tech entrepreneur originally from Paris. A few of his many achievements include founding one of the 1st DIY online survey platform in 2000 (sold in 2011) and running the 1st Techstars accelerator programme in London. In his spare time, he either travels or runs marathons under 3 hours (NY, 2013). He's a force to be reckoned with!

Billy Kramer
Director, North America

Based in Atlanta, Billy handles sales from Miami to Vancouver and everything in between. When not selling, Billy is submerged in his quest to find the world's best burger. If you're ever in Atlanta, you can find Billy at Ann's Snack Bar.

Blazej Wieliczko
Data Scientist/Developer

Blazej is our lean-mean--mining-machine swapping dynamite, shovels and pans for Java, Groovy and Python. As Data scientist/Developer, he uses his passion for machine learning to keep the consumer crystal ball shining bright for our clients day-after-day. In his spare time he makes electronic music to massage the cognitive muscles that keep this Data Oracle at the top of his game.

Chris Bourke
Commercial Director, EMEA

The big C runs our commercial shop this side of the pond. After selling his first startup he went on to run the largest mobile media buying agency in the world before his eagle eye spotted Qriously's potential. He’s also done the absolutely crazy Cresta run.

Christoph Peter
Interface Architect

A rare gem, Christoph has both an innate eye for UI, a sense for UX and a thick swiss knife of technical skillz. In the office OS wars, he sides with Apple.

Christopher Kahler
CEO, Co-Founder

Chris does CEO stuff. In line with Qriously's roots, he is product-driven but interferes with everyone's affairs whenever he can. He loves his job a little too much.

Davide Magatti
Data scientist

Our Italian two wheel lover Davide has a passion for a loud and powerful engine. Prior to Qriously Davide worked for a French Market Research company developing novel techniques of profiling on RTB platforms for online advertising. He's also a Professor, receiving a PHD in Text Mining.

Emma Keeley
Sales Executive

Emma works within the sales team generating revenue in the UK. Emma is passionate about sales and very inquisitive. She is also a tap-dancing, straight-A, adrenaline junky. Having jumped voluntarily out of an airplane over thirty times, we think we are going to have a hard time keeping Emma on her seat.

Gerald Mueller
CPO, Co-Founder

Geri is our technical renaissance man and developer whip, in charge of managing product pipeline and planning. On top of that he manages iOS and front-end.

Hugh Ritzema-Carter
UK Sales Manager

Hugh is responsible for growing the business in the UK. Hugh has 10+ years experience in the advertising and technology world having started his career at Microsoft. He has spent 6+ years growing businesses in the mobile space at start-up Ad.IQ and then YOC. He also spent 6 months working as a Ski Guide in the Austrian Alps.

Jackson Tobin
Sales Executive

Jackson is part of the growing UK sales team, responsible for building and maintaining relationships across some of the UK's top media agencies and brands. Originally from Australia, Jackson moved to the UK in 2008. When he's not working you can find him playing basketball (poorly) and telling stories of his glory days when he travelled his homeland and Indonesia in search of the perfect wave.  

Jess MacIntyre
Marketing Manager EMEA

With a love for telling stories, marketing was an obvious choice for the second lady of Qriously. Fearless to any task put her way, Jess revels in creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Outside of work her passions are travel, live music, photography and a good burrito.

Joe Zahtila
EVP of Commercial

Joe mans the business guns and melts markets like a hot pot. As the former the CRO and COO of Dynamic Logic along with 10 years experience in digital media sales he brings to the table both research and advertising expertise. He's also just a terrific guy to work with.

Julian Kenny
EVP of Finance and Operations

Julian is to ops as Steve Jobs is to product - we all end up saying "It Just Works" all the time. He also serves as Qriously's Royally Biased Guide to British Culture.

Justin Holmes
Account Executive, NY | Sales

A Bi-coastal, branding wiz who is also a bartender and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Justin Holmes joins Qriously as a digital agency alum. Passionate about media sales, he looks forward to forging new relationships and creating opportunities based on engaging people with innovative new digital platforms. When not selling media, he lives by the the 3Ts; Travel, Training and Tennis.

Michael Spitalnik
Commercial Director

A digital media veteran, sales and start-ups are in his veins. Michael's been one of the key first employees at 4 startups and is aiming for a 5th with Qriously (in the bag). Ebullient and full of life, Michael's all smiles. And the go-to for the best Thai food in New York City.

Pete Campton
Senior Developer

Pete is a super-relaxed software engineer who loves building beautiful systems.  Before joining Qriously, Pete worked at Google and an eCommerce start-up called Rangespan.  Most of his spare time is taken up entertaining his young daughter but he is also a massive cricket fan.

Phillip Lauria
Head of Marketing, NY

Phillip is a west coast transplant, from California. He has a background in design, comes from the agency side and is passionate about building brands. When he’s not thinking up new marketing campaigns Phillip scuba dives as much as he can.