Sequential Messaging is a strategic way to re-target consumers that can be layered on top of mindset targeted advertising. This form of messaging allows the advertiser to choose which ads will be the most effective to serve in a given order or given some previous interaction with the brand. It’s a great way to move people from awareness to consideration as well as prevent creative wear out.

Focusing on the Creative
No matter how intelligent mobile technology gets, ad creative still plays a major role in getting consumers to interact with your brand. Mobile ad real estate is limited at best, many times resulting in a crowded banner ad full of text, images and buttons. Sequencing creative allows brands the opportunity to focus on serving attractive ads that are not cluttered.

Putting all the Pieces Together
Let’s say you’re an automotive company and you want to target people who have declared an interest in a particular type of car. Qriously can determine individual preference to a specific type of car: sedan, coupe or SUV. Based on those responses three pieces of creative lie in queue, one for each answer. One ad featuring a sedan, one for a coupe and so on… By definition, serving an ad after qualifying that user with a question is sequential messaging. However, an advertiser can take this a step further by placing multiple ads in queue and delivering them in a specific order at a set frequency. Based on the example below, if a user indicates that his or her next car will be a coupe that user will receive a series of creatives for the new 2014 Perseus Coupe as part of a narrative. In effect, advertisers can begin to build a relationship with self-selected consumers.

This is just one example of what can be done with sequential messaging, but the possibilities are endless. As tech gets smarter and advertisers pay closer attention to brand on mobile, the industry will continue to move from targeted ad delivery to strategic storytelling.