From the 2 – 6 November Qriously interviewed 956 likely voters on their intentions at the ballot box for the Governors race in Virginia.

The mobile app audience in Virginia is representative of the general population’s demographics. Very small changes were needed to bring age, gender, working status and race in line with census values. Other weighting, although still not large, was carried out on educational achievement and region. This all gave a weighting efficiency of 0.73 in the final sample.

Healthcare and the economy were dominant topics for voters, with 29% and 20% respectively marking it as the single most important issue to them.

Like many other pollsters we have seen the Democratic lead narrow in the past two weeks and the result is now too close to call. Northam is polling at 48 % and has a slight lead on Gillespie, polling at 45 %. The sampling error for these values is +/- 3.1.

956 likely voters, interviewed from 2 November to 6 November 2017
Weighted on gender, age, region, education, race and working status