Why our research is changing the game

These are the 3 things that set us apart and form our UVP.

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Qriously can reach over 1.4b devices all over the world, allowing real-time research so you can learn, act and iterate faster.

>1.4b devices all over the world.

The first truly real-time market research platform​.

Learn, iterate and act faster – the days of waiting weeks for pdf reports are over.​

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Data Quality

We constantly prove our methodology by doing public predictions.

Voluntary responses from real people (no FSRs: Frequent Survey Reponders). No incentive means no reason to lie.

Anonymous respondents reduces social desirability bias and no PII (GDPR compliant).

The best way to prove data quality is to make public, irrefutable predictions. See our track record on the home page.

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Global Reach

By leveraging the global ad infrastructure we gain massive scale worldwide.

Same methodology in over 150 different countries giving you consistent and comparable results in all markets.

Fast and economic results in hard-to-reach and expensive markets like China, India and the Middle East.